The Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC), Inc. is an environmental non-government organization committed to helping communities uphold their constitutional right to a healthful and balanced ecology. Its staff is made up of lawyers, paralegals, researchers, and community organizers. It also works with an extensive network of volunteer lawyers and scientists. As part of its assistance, ELAC provides legal representation in environmental court cases, legal advice in drafting environmental laws, and paralegal trainings for both community volunteers and government law enforcers.

Many of the issues ELAC works on are related to the access to and use of forestry and coastal resources, pollution, and land use and tenure. Through its area offices in Cebu, Bohol, Tacloban and Palawan, ELAC responds to these issues by addressing the leading social causes of environmental degradation: illegal practices, unsound policies, poor resource management, and lack of awareness.

To effectively deal with the myriad environmental problems threatening Filipino communities, ELAC has organized its activities into a seven-part program with the following components: 1) Developmental Legal Assistance (DLA), 2) Community-Based Resource Management (CBRM), 3) Education and Training, 4) Advocacy, 5) Law Enforcement, 6) Research, and 7) Institutional Capacity-Building.

2 Responses to “About ELAC”

  1. Gary Sanchez Says:

    Hello, I am Gary Sanchez from Tuy, Batangas. I am a retired OFW and worked in the Gulf for around 25 years. I would like to explore the possibilities of working with ELAC as a volunteer because I have a sincere wish in helping preserve the environment. I am willing to travel anywhere in the country and currently not affiliated with any other agencies or NGO’s. I don’t possess technical understanding about the environment as I am an IT Professional that’s why I would like to join as a volunteer to have a deeper awareness of nature and environment with hopes that I can contribute something to preserve the them for my son’s future and the future generation. I would be thankful if you can contact me via email ( or directly on my mobile – 09167503120. Thanks and God bless you all.

  2. […] From the Philippines to Zimbabwe, grassroots justice defenders are working with affected communities to challenge industrial facilities’ environmental non-compliance. They are holding the government accountable for enforcing permits and regulations, and advocating for systemic improvements to policies and procedures. […]

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