ELAC envisions a Philippine society governed by laws that address the root causes of environmental degradation and social injustice. As part of an interdependent global community, this society manages natural resources through equitable and sustainable means. This society upholds transparency, and participatory democracy and governance, and recognizes indigenous and local cultures.

ELAC envisions a healthy environment that is managed in harmony with ecological principles, and that allows both present and future generations to enjoy an abundance of ecological goods and services while preserving its integrity.

ELAC envisions communities that are empowered stewards of natural resources. These communities are vigilant and assertive of their environmental and human rights.

ELAC envisions a community development-oriented organization that upholds participatory and gender-fair processes in society and just labor practices. ELAC strives to establish a competent and value-centered team.


      To fulfill this vision, ELAC’s mission is to protect and assert environmental rights, and equitable access to and control of natural resource use by communities through effective developmental legal assistance, community-based resource management and advocacy.


  • To empower communities to assert their rights
  • To facilitate empowerment of communities in resource management
  • To promote gainful & sustainable livelihoods
  • To facilitate the establishment of mechanisms to allow participation of marginalized communities in community development
  • To oppose environmentally destructive programs/activities and advocate for alternatives
  • To advocate for just and responsive environmental laws and policies, and their effective implementation
  • To build ELAC as a self-sustaining, cohesive organization of competent and dedicated staff and volunteers

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